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"Though a man conquers a thousand times a thousand men in battle, a greater conqueror still is he who conquers himself."

—The Dhammapada

About Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a process by which a person is taught to change the frequency of brainwaves his or her brain is producing, and thereby change the physical, mental, and emotional states those brainwaves reflect. During a Neurofeedback training session, a person is given visual, auditory, and tactile information about the brainwaves their brain is creating. As in conventional biofeedback, bringing these otherwise unconscious activities into conscious awareness allows a person to learn how to alter them.

Brainwaves are the frequency of the electrical activity that is occuring in the brain, a measurement of the oscillations per second that neurons generate as they send electrical information from neuron to neuron. Specific bandwidths of electrical energy reflect different physiological and chemical states, which in turn reflect different physical, mental, and emotional states. For example, when a person is calm and alert, brainwave activity may oscillate at 12-15 hertz, while under stress may oscillate at 22 hertz and up.

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Unless challenged to change, our brains rely on established pathways of neural behavior. They function in repetitive patterns that may be pleasant or unpleasant in our experience. Our physical, mental, and emotional tendencies are the result of set patterns in our brain circuitry. Unfortunately, some of these patterns may have negative results, such as migraine headaches, post traumatic stress, sleep disorders, addictions, attention problems, chronic anxiety, depression, anger and so forth. Even personality traits like shyness, tiredness, lack of motivation, and low self esteem may be linkd to brain habit.

Once a pattern of neural activity sets in, it becomes our hard-wired operating system that is difficult to change. Without any experience of what to change to, sense of what the alternatives are, or where we are trying to get to, we repeat the same patterns in our lives whether our conscious mind wants different ones or not.

Neurofeedback provides our brain with a map of how to change our neural behavior. It directs us step by step towards healthier and happier neural activity so that new patterns can be created in our lives. It shows us exactly where we our going and how to get there. Neurofeedback bypasses the conscious mind and directly accesses the neural behavior pattern that causes the difficulty. By transforming neural function, we open to new possibilities of positive experience and performance. With Neurofeedback, we can finally optimize this incredible evolving organ, the human brain.

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