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"Come, fill the cup, and in the fire of spring your winter garment of repentance fling. The bird of time has but a little way to flutter—and the bird is on the wing."

—The Rubbaiyat

Natural Health Basics

The Naturopathic tradition holds that health is the fruit of life lived in accordance with the wisdom of nature. We are created by nature, and we must honor her laws. What is good for us, therefore, are the same things that are good for the planet: clean air, clean water, fresh nutrient-rich foods, harmonious mental habits, and balanced lifestyle. It is our inheritance as nature's children to live a long, satisfying life so we may contribute to life's magic. The underlying cause of disease, then, is some transgression of nature's laws.

Transgressions include nutritional violations, over-indulgences such as overeating and the resultant accumulation of metabolic wastes, exposure to poisons contrary to life, lack of movement and activity, lack of rest and relaxation, as well as emotional and physical traumas. Eventually, our resistance to disease is compromised and illness manifests. Bacterial, viral, and other diseases are not, then, the root of our problems, but only the final stages of disorder.

Beautiful fruit

The Naturopathic approach to health, then, is to identify where in our lives we have gone against nature and to correct and eliminate these harms. We support our body's health with right diet and lifestyle, cleansing programs, vitamins and supplements, herbal remedies, and other gentle, life-supporting therapies. Within our every cell is an intelligence that guides life towards balance: our "will to live." We do not have to "heal" anything. When the underlying causes of ill health are removed, the body corrects itself.

Another key element of the Naturopathic approach is our innate trust of the body's healing processes. Acute illness is seen as the body's attempt to regain balance, and is called by Naturopaths a "healing crisis." Many symptoms such as headache, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and congestion are the body attempting to cleanse itself of wastes and thereby restore health. In our ignorance, we disrupt this process by blocking these symptoms, such as bringing down every little fever. In contrast, the Naturopathic method is to support the body's process. When a healing crisis occurs, the Naturopath celebrates the body's life force taking action.

...there is no separation between our mental attitudes and our physical well being...

When our body's healing mechanisms are repeatedly disrupted through the blocking of acute illness, chronic disease is the result. Chronic conditions include such disorders as high blood pressure, joint degeneration, hardening of the arteries, tumors and other severe conditions. However, even these conditions must not be blocked, as they are yet the body's more desperate attempt to regain balance.

Treatment for chronic conditions is the same as for less progressed problems: identify where we have gone against nature and correct and eliminate these harms. Often it is necessary to undergo a deep cleanse. This may include juice fasting, water fasting, enemas and bowel purgation. Cleansing allows our bodies to finally eliminate accumulated toxins and wastes stored in our tissues and blocking our life processes. Central to health from the Naturopathic perspective is our state of mind.

Tree in the Mist

According to Naturopathy, there is no separation between our mental attitudes and our physical well being. The mind follows the body, and the body follows the mind. Therefore, much therapeutic attention is placed on cultivating inner peace. Although changing our habits and returning to a natural way of life can be difficult, the profound peace, contentment, and physical well being that is our deepest true nature is our reward.

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